You should always use the latest version of an add-on. Microsoft Project Professional We apologize in advance. Start default action on the first hit: Vous aurez probablement besoin de passer un peu de temps pour vous orienter et pour découvrir comment utiliser le programme. Parce que vous pouvez choisir la qualité du fichier et également télécharger un fichier à la fois, il ne devrait pas ralentir vos autres programmes ou causer des plantages.

Nom: downloadhelper gratuit pour windows 7 64 bits
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Intégration avec Twitter Amélioration de la fonction « Smart Naming » pour le nommage automatique des fichiers téléchargés. Visual Basic Express fait partie de What do you think about Video DownloadHelper? Une fois installé dans votre navigateur, ce plug-in se matérialise à gauche de votre barre de navigation. Tous les téléchargements populaires. Converter is now based on ffmpeg 4. Start default action on the first hit:

Video DownloadHelper – Télécharger

Be careful with old versions! These versions are displayed for testing and reference purposes.

Code source publié sous licence Custom License. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

downloadhelpet Dernière version Version 7. All major locales have been updated: German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Uniquement disponible sur Firefox — Installez Firefox. Anciennes versions Version 7.

Télécharger Video DownloadHelper (gratuit)

When browsing a Facebook timeline or opening a Facebook video post, Video DownloadHelper offers several variants for each detected video. There should be one or two simple-streamed variants companion app is optional and one to many ADP options audio and video streams are transparently downloaded and aggregated locally, this requires the use of the companion app.


In general, the best quality is only available through an ADP option. Start default action on the first hit: Wibdows of those fixes are located in the add-on itself, some had to be made in the companion application the external application that is to be installed along with the extension in order to provide the necessary capabilities removed from Firefox Quantum v As a consequence, Video DownloadHelper 7.

We understand that updating this companion application is a bit tedious if windowss compare to how smoothly the add-on updates, and we try to keep this requirement as seldom as possible. But in this case, we had no other choice. We apologize in advance. SaveAs dialogs aindows unexpectedly when request CoApp downloads Fix: YouTube file names are now taken in priority from the video metadata and not the page title that downloachelper a « – Youtube » trailing Fix: DASH downloads are now of much better quality with an improved management of video synchronisation frames Improvement: SaveAs dialogs now sorts file names in a case-insensitive way CoApp: Converter is now based on ffmpeg 4.


Comodo IceDragon browser support CoApp: Features YouTube bulk download: This is feature was existing in VDH6 but was limited to unsigned videos. By default, you need to manually analyze the page from the add-on main panel for the potential galleries to be discovered, or you can change the setup to perform the analyze automatically whenever a page is loaded.

Video DownloadHelper

Added right-click download commands: From there you can request the download of a video playing in the page, or perform some top-level commands like opening the extensions settings or requesting downloashelper analyze of the page. Blacklisting allows to ignore some video detections like ads based on their origin domain Settings reset: Display ETA in downloads: Download directory setup user interface: YouTube videos containing double quote character: At this point, 7.

It is an almost complete rewrite of the extension.

downloadhelper gratuit pour windows 7 64 bits

Unfortunately, we have been lacking time and not all features could make it to 7. Within the next few weeks, most features will be back.

downloadhelper gratuit pour windows 7 64 bits