What Every Couple Should Know About Relationship Control

When people talk about relationship control, they immediately think that it is a bad thing. After all, if the guy is the one controlling the woman, that could mean that she loses her freedom completely and is a slave to the machismo of the male species. If it is the girl who is in control of the relationship, people would think lowly of the man because he does not have the guts to control the woman. There are a lot of reasons why relationship control is viewed in such a bad light but the truth is, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it. In fact, a relationship can be in shambles without relationship control.

Let us put it this way, without relationship control, the relationship will have no objective and will go nowhere. If you are already married and you do not have planning for saving, having your own home or how to provide for your children, you can be sure that your marriage will not last very long. Someone has to be in control so that the marriage will have a direction and as a team, the husband and the wife can accomplish things together for themselves as a couple and for their children.

So if relationship control is not necessarily a bad thing, how then can it be beneficial for a relationship? More often than not, it is the guy who is in control of a relationship. He is supposed to be the breadwinner and the one to make the major decisions in the family. The problem is that there are men who overstep their so-called authority. They become dictatorial and expect the woman to follow and obey their every whim even though they are already wrong. For you guys who are having trouble with the right form of relationship control, here is a little but helpful tip. Just love your woman. They respond way better to love than to threats. If you show them that you love them, they will happily relinquish the control to you.

Of course, love is not enough for women to give the relationship control to the guy. He must also prove to her that he is capable of leadership. If you always make bad decisions, then how in the world will she trust you to make decisions for both of you? One cannot lead unless he knows what he is doing. Be a good decision maker, earn her trust and she will happily follow you.

Third, remember to listen to the woman also. You may have the steering wheel but remember that you only have it because she let you lead. Do not think that relationship control is dictatorship. Listen to what she has to say and when she has a point, follow her. That does not make you less of a leader or less of a man. In fact, it takes a real man to know that the woman is right.