Life Phrases About Relationships

Let’s start with you, then we’ll move to the relationships you have.

You have to believe that you are loved. Just because you exist means that you are. Your higher power or God, or whatever name you use for that which animates you, brought you into being out of love. For what over reason can you imagine being brought to life?

God needed to express Its consciousness. God, therefore, brought the physical universe onto being. God needed to experience God’s consciousness, for that was the only way God could have it. God’s Creation was an expression of love for God Itself.

Therefore, you were “born” of love. You are a direct expression of God. God is in you and through you, and is you.

This is difficult to explain to you. It is one the ineffable mysteries of life and the universe. You have to trust yourself to believe this way of thinking. If you have never thought of the love of God in these terms, this may even seem to be a foreign language that you do not understand.

Learn this “language” of God’s Love and expression of Itself – through you.

Then, when you have convinced yourself of the truth of this idea, you have a treasure to bring to the rest of the world. In this case we are talking about relationships, though the idea fits every place in life.

The treasure you have to bring to each relationship you maintain, is this value that you found in yourself through the love of God. This is not an excuse to puff yourself with false and uncalled for arrogance. Following the example of God, your treasure is offered to others as a free gift. God does force anything on you. God gives the gift of Its love. You give yourself to others in the same wise.

You have found infinite value in yourself through the treasure of God that is in you. Therefore, every relationship you have can be filled with this value, your value.

One of things this value means is that you do not need to pretend to be someone other than yourself. You offer yourself just as you are, God’s treasure in you. If the other or others in a relationship do not accept you in these terms, you need not keep them in a relationship with you. Just be yourself and others will find you and befriend you.

You need not offer, in a relationship, that which you do not possess. But you possess a treasure from God which you can share in any relationship. You have infinite value. Others have or are looking to have that same value within themselves. The need you to show the way by simply being yourself. With the treasure of God within.