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Life Phrases About Relationships

Let’s start with you, then we’ll move to the relationships you have.

You have to believe that you are loved. Just because you exist means that you are. Your higher power or God, or whatever name you use for that which animates you, brought you into being out of love. For what over reason can you imagine being brought to life?

God needed to express Its consciousness. God, therefore, brought the physical universe onto being. God needed to experience God’s consciousness, for that was the only way God could have it. God’s Creation was an expression of love for God Itself.

Therefore, you were “born” of love. You are a direct expression of God. God is in you and through you, and is you.

This is difficult to explain to you. It is one the ineffable mysteries of life and the universe. You have to trust yourself to believe this way of thinking. If you have never thought of the love of God in these terms, this may even seem to be a foreign language that you do not understand.

Learn this “language” of God’s Love and expression of Itself – through you.

Then, when you have convinced yourself of the truth of this idea, you have a treasure to bring to the rest of the world. In this case we are talking about relationships, though the idea fits every place in life.

The treasure you have to bring to each relationship you maintain, is this value that you found in yourself through the love of God. This is not an excuse to puff yourself with false and uncalled for arrogance. Following the example of God, your treasure is offered to others as a free gift. God does force anything on you. God gives the gift of Its love. You give yourself to others in the same wise.

You have found infinite value in yourself through the treasure of God that is in you. Therefore, every relationship you have can be filled with this value, your value.

One of things this value means is that you do not need to pretend to be someone other than yourself. You offer yourself just as you are, God’s treasure in you. If the other or others in a relationship do not accept you in these terms, you need not keep them in a relationship with you. Just be yourself and others will find you and befriend you.

You need not offer, in a relationship, that which you do not possess. But you possess a treasure from God which you can share in any relationship. You have infinite value. Others have or are looking to have that same value within themselves. The need you to show the way by simply being yourself. With the treasure of God within.

How Educated Are You About Relationships

Your education about relationships starts at an early age in life and some of us go through many hurtful experiences in the beginning. These experiences are necessary for us to grow and mature. But also for us to learn to love ourselves just the way we are. When we learn to except that we are a unique human being then it will be a natural thing for other people to except us too.

In a relationship there have to be a fairly even give and take for the relationship to work. If you are the one who are giving in most of the time then sooner or later the relationship will become unbalanced. It is really up to you to set your boundaries so the other person knows how far they can go.

If you are guilty of that then be quick to apologize and say you are sorry. A good relationship takes time and patience to build up and it is something which you should continue to work on. Most people like to be appreciated so do not hesitate to pay the other person a few sincere compliments now and again. It will work wonders for your relationship.

When someone new comes into your life it is usually for you to learn from each other and if they leave your life it may be because you have learned the lesson and you both need to move on. Not all relationships end up happy but if you can come to terms with the fact that some people come into your life for a reason, a season or they come to stay with you for a life time.

If you are lucky enough to have someone educating you about relationships at an early age then you will have a good foundation to build on and a much better chance to form healthy relationships as you get older. By understanding a bit about how relationships work you will be saved form a lot of heart ace later in life.

What Every Couple Should Know About Relationship Control

When people talk about relationship control, they immediately think that it is a bad thing. After all, if the guy is the one controlling the woman, that could mean that she loses her freedom completely and is a slave to the machismo of the male species. If it is the girl who is in control of the relationship, people would think lowly of the man because he does not have the guts to control the woman. There are a lot of reasons why relationship control is viewed in such a bad light but the truth is, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it. In fact, a relationship can be in shambles without relationship control.

Let us put it this way, without relationship control, the relationship will have no objective and will go nowhere. If you are already married and you do not have planning for saving, having your own home or how to provide for your children, you can be sure that your marriage will not last very long. Someone has to be in control so that the marriage will have a direction and as a team, the husband and the wife can accomplish things together for themselves as a couple and for their children.

So if relationship control is not necessarily a bad thing, how then can it be beneficial for a relationship? More often than not, it is the guy who is in control of a relationship. He is supposed to be the breadwinner and the one to make the major decisions in the family. The problem is that there are men who overstep their so-called authority. They become dictatorial and expect the woman to follow and obey their every whim even though they are already wrong. For you guys who are having trouble with the right form of relationship control, here is a little but helpful tip. Just love your woman. They respond way better to love than to threats. If you show them that you love them, they will happily relinquish the control to you.

Of course, love is not enough for women to give the relationship control to the guy. He must also prove to her that he is capable of leadership. If you always make bad decisions, then how in the world will she trust you to make decisions for both of you? One cannot lead unless he knows what he is doing. Be a good decision maker, earn her trust and she will happily follow you.

Third, remember to listen to the woman also. You may have the steering wheel but remember that you only have it because she let you lead. Do not think that relationship control is dictatorship. Listen to what she has to say and when she has a point, follow her. That does not make you less of a leader or less of a man. In fact, it takes a real man to know that the woman is right.

What Are Your False Beliefs About Relationships

I have discovered that many of the single people I work with have a number of false beliefs about relationships. If you are single, do you identify with any of these beliefs?

People In Relationships Are Not Lonely

In my work with individuals and couples, I’ve found that people who are in relationships – including people who are married – are just as likely to be lonely as single people. Just because you have a partner doesn’t guarantee that you will not be lonely. In fact, some people who are in relationships are even more lonely than many single people. It can feel lonelier to be around someone who is unavailable for connection than to be alone. Being with an angry, withdrawn or needy person can feel extremely lonely.

Certainly, partners in relationship, who are available for connection, are less lonely than single people. It’s wonderful to be in a relationship with someone who is open and available to emotionally connect, when you are also open and available to connect. But way too often, this is not the case.

Being In A Relationship Will Make Me Feel Happy, Safe And Secure

Again, being in a relationship with someone who is loving and caring can lead to you feeling more safe and secure, as well as happy. But what if you are with a partner who is angry, distant, disconnected, and/or verbally or physically abusive? When this is the case, you may end up feeling less secure and more unhappy.

My suggestion is to learn to create inner happiness by practicing Inner Bonding – developing your loving adult self who is connected with a spiritual source of wisdom and comfort. This is what creates an inner sense of happiness, safety and security, and can lead to finding a loving and caring partner. Instead of waiting for someone to do this for you, why not learn to do it for yourself?

Being In A Relationship Will Give Me A Sense Of Self-Worth

If you are looking for a partner to make you feel worthy, you will likely end up with someone who is looking for the same thing. Relationships are healthy when each person already feels inherently valuable – not when they expect the other person to give them their sense of inner worth.

Believing that you can give another person their sense of worth is a huge false belief, just as believing that another can do this for you. If you are judging yourself as unworthy and unlovable, you will continue to feel that way, no matter how loving another is to you. You may find that you have a very hard time taking in another’s love if you believe you don’t deserve it.

Being in a Relationship Will Fill me and Complete Me

If you are abandoning yourself by judging yourself, staying in your head rather than being present in your body for your feelings, turning to various addictions to numb your feelings, and/or making someone else responsible for your feelings, you will feel empty and incomplete inside. We feel full inside when we learn to love ourselves and share our love with others. It’s not the getting of love from another than fills and completes, but rather learning to connect with your Source of love – filling yourself with love to share with another or others.

We feel full inside when we give to others from a loving heart, not when we give in order to get love. If you want to be in a relationship to get love rather than to share your love, you will likely end up either alone or in an unloving relationship.

How to Write Passionate Poems About Relationships

Poems about relationships are written to make the tender moment of love and passion become extra special and intense. They are considered poems of love that come from the heart and they have the capacity to make anyone’s knees buckle go jelly with fondness and sweetness. That’s why when you get any possible chance to write down a fine love poem, it is perhaps clever and cute to make use of words that are genuine, heartfelt and deeply sincere. Poems about relationships should be just right.

Sending them would be thoughtful enough. They don’t need to be that long but if you wish to convey your most passionate and strongest feeling through it, then let it. There shouldn’t be necessarily an occasion for you to actually come up with one. It’s more romantic if you just snapped and decided your partner deserves to know they’re loved and that you think about them often.

Aside from numerous other options, writing these poems about your relationship can vividly change and lift your status as a couple to an all new level. Mentioning even the little things how you like it when they smile or when they laugh at your jokes already play a key task in building a strong union. Poems are surprisingly, a very effective means to show your love, aside from kissing, hugging and cuddling.

Your poems about relationship must be very well thought but that goes beyond perfect grammar and subject very agreement. Writing it from the heart and doing your best to make it the most romantic ever is enough. Although most people would find it corny or a waste of time drooling over poems to write, it could make all the difference if you try even just once. If you’ve never tried writing one before, well then, now’s the perfect time to start. Who knows, you might be just a poem away from bliss and contentment in your relationship.